The Inner Workings: A Day in the Life at Mills Air

As soon as the sun peeks over the horizon, you can bet that the dynamic team at Mills Air is already hard at work. Our objective? To ensure all our clients enjoy the comfort of their homes every day, all year round. In the business synonymous with outstanding reliable heating and A/C services, a typical day for us is anything but typical.

Starting Off the Day Right

Our day starts early with a team meeting, where we discuss our schedule and prepare for the various installations, maintenance checks, and repair jobs ahead. We equip ourselves with cutting-edge tools and the latest industry knowledge, ready to tackle any HVAC related task, big or small.

Our expert team members are known for their reliability and professional customer service. Nonetheless, it’s not all about working on air conditioners; we are very much committed to making positive influences in our community, which is why being punctual, respectful, and courteous is etched in our DNA.

Reliable Services: We’re Just a Call Away

Nothing tests our commitment to serving our customers like an unexpected HVAC issue. Suppose your A/C decides to take a vacation in the middle of the night, or your heating system throws a temper tantrum during winter. In that case, you can rely on us to be there. Offering reliable services around the clock is an essential aspect of what separates us from the rest.

With our 24/7 availability, we are always a phone call away from resolving any uncomfortable situation or answering any HVAC-related queries. Hence, a significant part of our day is devoted to assisting emergent calls and ensuring customers are sitting pretty, regardless of the weather outside.

Continuous Learning and Improvement

At Mills Air, we believe that learning is an ongoing process. After fieldwork, our team gathers to share experiences, discuss potential improvements, and detail the more complex cases of the day. It is through these discussions that we improve and refine our services to better suit our customers.

Being an employee at Mills Air means playing a significant role in maintaining the comfort and well-being of homes throughout our service area. Our days might be long and sometimes challenging, but the knowledge that we are making a difference in people’s lives makes it all worth it.