Want a Winter Wake-up Call? Forget your Furnace Maintenance!

Kudos to you, for making it through the never-ending Oregon summers – surviving the jokes about barbequing yourself in Hillsboro and tasting your own sweat in Tigard. But just when you think you can finally trade your air conditioner for a teddy bear, the chilling winds of winter knock at your doorstep!

It starts off subtly; a shiver here and there, maybe a frozen nose too. Then one day, you wake up to discover that you’ve got a growing iceberg in your living room. It dawns on you then – your trusty furnace has retired without a gold watch or any advance warning.

What do you do now – resort to bonfires and risk making a s’mores out of your expensive rug? Or summon the courage to your ice cube encrusted fingers and dial Bruton Comfort Control? You don’t need to take an Arctic expedition to Wilsonville or master the Himalayan art of surviving – furnace replacement, maintenance or service, BCC is always at your service.

Remember folks, the best time for Furnace Maintenance – is before you become an involuntary snowman. Stay safe, and stay toasty! Trust us, there’s nothing comfortable about frostbite. Happy heating!