Combat the Heatwave with some Cool Tips!

Something’s cooking in beautiful TN and it’s not your grandmother’s famous casserole. Welcome the heatwaves, Crab Orchard, Monterey, and all the thermostat tampering tantrums they bring with them.

Luckily for you, there’s a certain AC Company in Fairfield Glade and Spring City, we won’t name names (Hint: It’s us, Crossville Heating & Cooling Inc.), that’s ready to spring into action faster than you’d yell “IT’S SO HOT!!”.

Got a dissolved popsicle situation in Rockwood? We’ll ride in with our HVAC Contractor from Crossville to the rescue. AC maintenance issues in Monterey? We’ll come ice-skating over. A polar bear thinking about relocating to your overheated Crab Orchard living room? Well, we don’t handle wildlife, but we could sort out that AC issue real quick.

Just like your go-to ice cream flavor on a sweltering day, we at Crossville Heating & Cooling Inc. are committed to keeping things chill and comfortable around here. Our mission? To send the sun packing. Call knobs are turned, conditioned air flows, and summer becomes a breezy dream. Cool, huh?

Sure, Tennessee is hot, but with Crossville Heating & Cooling Inc., it’s way cooler!